2019年03月04日 00:00 发布人: 学科科研 阅读次数:    
主讲人: Jianhua Ma

主题: Towards Smart World with Ubiquitous Intelligence
时间: 2019年3月8日(星期五)下午 2:00
地点: C2-504
       Smart world is composed of numerous “smart things” at different levels and scales, starting from smart objects, smart infrastructures, smart transportations, smart factories and smart cities to smart planet. Ubiquitous sensors and actuators, computing devices, networks and information are paving the way towards the emerging smart world in which computational intelligence will be so ubiquitous and pervasively distributed throughout the physical environment to offer more reliable, more efficient, more relevant, and safer services to people. Through interactions with everyday smart things, computational intelligence will penetrate every aspects of our physical and social world and become an inseparable part of our daily lives in the smart world. A series of challenging issues exist as barriers to move existing computing services into intelligent and autonomic services for the smart world. In order to benefit the mankind while safeguarding the natural environment to ensure sustainable development, it is critical for researchers to be aware of the coming challenges and issues in achieving the smart world. In this talk, I will present the fundamental trend towards the smart world with ubiquitous intelligence as we as the state-of-art research advances and challenging issues.

        Jianhua Ma is a professor in the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan. He served as the Chair of Digital Media Department of Hosei University in 2011-2012. His research interests include multimedia, networking, pervasive computing, social computing, wearable technology, IoT, smart things, and cyber intelligence. Ma is one of pioneers in research on Hyper World and Cyber World (CW) since 1996, and was a co-initiator of the first international symposium on Cyber World in 2002. He first proposed Ubiquitous Intelligence (UI) towards Smart World (SW), which he envisioned in 2004, and was featured in the European ID People Magazine in 2005. He has conducted several unique CW-related projects including the Cyber Individual (Cyber-I), which was featured by and highlighted on the front page of IEEE Computing Now in 2011. Ma has published more than 300 papers, co-authored/edited over 15 books and 30 journal special issues, and delivered over 30 keynote speeches at international conferences. He has founded three IEEE Congresses on ‘Smart World’, ‘Cybermatics’ and ‘Cyber Science and Technology’, respectively, as well as IEEE Conferences on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing (UIC), Pervasive Intelligence and Computing (PICom), Advanced and Trusted Computing (ATC), Dependable, Autonomic and Secure Computing (DASC), Cyber Physical and Social Computing (CPSCom), Internet of Things (iThings), and Internet of People (IoP). He is a Chair of IEEE Technical Committee on Cybermatics, and a founding Chair of IEEE Technical Committee on Smart World.


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