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Our Achievements by Communication Engineering
2019年08月21日 00:00 发布人: 吴茗蔚 阅读次数:    
Our students have achieved numerous scholarships, certificates, awards and honors so far.  
Communication Engineering Bachelor's Program is still open for application for 2019 September Intake. Apply before it's too late!
We’ve obtained many types of scholarships offered by the university, including Outstanding Degree Students Scholarship, Arts & Sports Specialty Scholarship, Academic Diligence Scholarship, Social Service Scholarship etc.
Many have obtained Huawei Certification and passed Chinese Proficiency Test.
We have won two Internet+ competitions for the first time. This is truly a breakthrough! There are many other competitions to showcase your talents.
Our CE151 graduates have been awarded Bachelor Degree with Honour, Graduate with Honours and TOP 10 International Students!
Watch the video clip proudly presented by our ITEE students Xiao Zelin and Miao Huimin.


Our September intake is still open. Apply at before it's too late.
For more information, visit .


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